Olympic torch hoax burns a hole in productivity, again

The Olympic Torch Virus Hoax is back in circulation in a big way. This time it’s seen doing rounds predominantly among Orkut Online Community members, informs Security Analysts at MicroWorld Technologies.

The hoax mail that appeared for the first time in the second week of February 2006, says you should never open an email with an attachment named “Invitation”, regardless who sends it to you. Like a typical scare monger it screams that the Virus will burn the whole hard disk of your PC! In the pretext of educating you about its spreading routine, the hoax goes onto explaining how the entries in the address book of a victim are stolen and how the Virus starts mass mailing to those email addresses.

To lend some fabricated credibility to the hoax, the email quotes CNN, Microsoft and Security firms. The message ends with a strong plea to forward it to as many people as possible so that the humanity shall save their computer hard disks from massive destruction!

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