Wave to support Trusted Computing Group’s Security Specifications for Mobile Phones

Wave Systems Corp. announced plans to extend its EMBASSY Trust Suite software in support of the newly published TCG security specifications for mobile phones. The announcement of the open, non-proprietary security specifications called Mobile Trusted Module (MTM) came this week at the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association Conference in Los Angeles.

Once implemented, the industry-endorsed standards will enable users to strongly authenticate their mobile devices to their PCs in order to replicate sensitive personal information, such as address books and digital wallets, as well as to determine the “trustworthiness” of a given mobile phone. The specifications also call for the use of a common key management infrastructure for the protection and backup of passwords and important data.

“As mobile phones have evolved into multi-function communications devices with robust connectivity to voice, e-mail, corporate networks and the Internet, the requirement for stronger security has never been greater,” noted Lark Allen, Executive Vice President, Wave Systems. “The TCG mobile phone specifications represent an industry-wide effort to define an open security standard that will bring benefits to many involved with mobile devices, from the end-user to the network provider to the device manufacturer.”

“Wave looks forward to working with our industry partners to deliver TCG-based support for mobile devices in addition to currently supported TPM-based PCs and trusted encrypting disk drives,” he added.

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