Purported spyware removal tool takes users for a ride

“SPYWARE INFECTION! Your system is infected with spyware. Windows recommends that you use a spyware removal tool to prevent loss of data. Using this PC before having it cleaned of spyware threats is highly discouraged.”

If you wake up to see this panic message taking center stage on your computer screen, you could be infected with a rogue spyware removal tool named SpySheriff. Instead of keeping your system guarded against spywares, the program itself works as a Spyware and Adware, triggering pop-up ads and tampering with system components, seriously compromising the security of your computer in the process.

SpySheriff is distributed using Trojans, Trojan Droppers and Trojan-Downloaders that show fake warning messages about spyware and riskware infections. These Trojans find their way to victim’s computers by exploiting browser vulnerabilities, Spam mails or by getting bundled with other computer utilities.

Ronak Desai, a Security Analyst at MicroWorld Technologies says SpySheriff program also prevents infected users from performing a System Restore, by blocking the system calendar and restore points. This robs users of their option to revert computers to an earlier status.

Ronak suggests that infected users with no protection can get a workaround for this issue by undoing their last restore operation and then performing a system restore, which seems to be working in some cases.

SpyAxe, SpywareStrike, SpywareNO, Spyware Cleaner and Winantivirus are a few other dubious applications of the same breed exposed by MicroWorld Technologies in the past. Most of them follow more or less similar spreading routines to infect large numbers of victims in quick time.

MicroWorld solutions eScan and MailScan safeguard user computers with the fastest updating database of protections against Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Trojan Downloaders, Adwares, Spywares and suspected Riskwares. eScan and MailScan work on a unique technology called MWL (MicroWorld Winsock Layer) in conjunction with a sophisticated Behavior and Intention analysis of potential security threats.

“I have even seen some people with reasonable computer acquaintance falling prey for the sly marketing techniques of these dubious programs and downloading them willfully,” reveals Sunil Kripalani, Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing, MicroWorld Technologies. “While it’s vital to protect your computer against the growing danger of Adware and Spyware, it’s doubly important to guard yourself against wolves in sheep’s clothing. Because with these programs, you are neither aware that you are infected, and nor you have any idea what more malicious stuff that they will bring to your computer tomorrow.”

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