Trend Micro announces InterScan Messaging Security Appliance

With the release of InterScan Messaging Security Appliance customers can receive the same superior email security on either software or an appliance, enabling them to pick the solution that best fits their network environment. While InterScan Messaging Security Appliance offers the same security features and flexible policy implementation as its software predecessor — InterScan Messaging Security Suite — the appliance form factor provides high throughput with hardware redundancy to ensure continuous security.

InterScan Messaging Security Appliance offers comprehensive email protection at the gateway. This solution provides anti-spam and anti-phishing protection, award winning antivirus that includes IntelliTrap technology to combat zero-day threats, as well as providing flexible content filtering to support regulatory compliance, assist with corporate governance, and prevent loss of confidential information. In addition, all of this protection is seamlessly integrated and centrally managed in the Web-based InterScan Messaging Security Appliance console.

To achieve industry-leading spam catch rates with very low false positives, Trend Micro has armed its customers with dual-layer spam protection called Spam Prevention Solution. Trend Micro Network Reputation Services provides the initial layer of protection by stopping a majority of mail-based threats at the connection layer before they even reach the gateway. The reputation services verify IP addresses of incoming email against the world’s largest, most trusted reputation database, and uses a dynamic reputation service to identify new spam and phishing sources, stopping even zombies and botnets when they first emerge.

A new version of Network Reputation Services is integrated into InterScan Messaging Security Appliance in addition to being available as a standalone service. Released today, Network Reputation Services provides a new portal that allows customers to set policies for their specific email environment while also enabling customers to easily set specific email blacklist/whitelist policies. One policy-setting feature, for example, restricts email based on the geographical origin or ISP of potential email senders.

The second layer of the InterScan Messaging Security Appliance spam protection is a powerful and elegantly architected composite engine. This engine filters spam and phishing emails at the gateway through advanced heuristics, statistical analysis, signature filtering, whitelists, blacklists, and other anti-spam techniques. This combined approach catches any remaining threats before they reach the inbox. The robust composite engine also detects non-English spam, providing additional support for global companies.

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