Cyber-Ark announces Enterprise Password Vault 4.0

Cyber-Ark Software announced the release of the latest edition of its flagship product, Enterprise Password Vault version 4.0. EPV 4.0 delivers a wide array of vital capabilities designed from the ground up for IT Professionals who focus on securing, managing, updating and logging all Privileged Passwords throughout an enterprise, whether these shared, administrative or super-user passwords exist in routers, servers, databases, workstations or applications. With EPV 4.0, enterprises gain power features related to functionality, ease-of-use and overall enterprise-readiness, all backed by the ICSA-validated security that has made EPV the industry’s leader.

Cyber-Ark’s Enterprise Password Vault is uniquely positioned to eliminate one of today’s biggest IT security risks and compliance challenges: the mismanagement of privileged user accounts and passwords, which may result in costly outages, lost business, legal liability and or audit deficiencies. Privileged passwords are the non-personal, shared passwords that exist in virtually every device or software application in an enterprise, such as root on a UNIX server, Administrator on a Windows workstation, Cisco Enable on a Cisco device and any application account used to connect to databases.

EPV 4.0 offers a robust set of new power features designed specifically for Privileged Password Management, including a set of capabilities to streamline workflow. New features focused on ease of use include:

” Self-learning system automatically produces lists of “recently used passwords” and “frequently used passwords” saving users time and facilitating access to privileged passwords
” Simple, intuitive wizard for defining new privileged passwords
” Powerful search mechanism for privileged passwords and sensitive files
” Almost no end-user training required
” Full web-based application to reduce TCO
Industry’s First Password Management Dashboard

The Enterprise Password Vault is the only solution in the market to provide an enterprise-wide view of privileged password activity. Crystal clear graphs, charts and alerts on password usage activity are highlighted to provide IT users and administrators the ability to determine at-a-glance where issues exist across the enterprise. These system-wide alerts highlight password policy violations such as passwords that were not replaced according to the enterprise policy guidelines.

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