Scan, Click & Fix: from vulnerability analysis to complete remediation

Criston today announced general availability of its unique solution called Scan, Click & Fix.
Scan, Click & Fix� manages the entire vulnerability life cycle from a single administrator console: from vulnerability audit through to remediation. Scan, Click & Fix� significantly cuts the time that users are exposed to attacks.  The Scan, Click and Fix solution makes it possible to reduce the window between identifying a security flaw and actually correcting it. A vulnerability Scan starts by identifying and classifying the detected vulnerabilities. The results can then be analysed at the administrator console. In just a few clicks, administrators can automatically execute configuration changes or deploy patches (Fix) on all the computers in question.
The operational reports generated by Scan, Click & Fix allow real-time monitoring of deployment of patches on all the installed equipment. Summary reports show changes in the level of vulnerability over time in graphical form (trend analysis).

Existing solutions are often highly specialised and not properly integrated. Security threat watch teams receive security bulletins, security teams scan systems in order to identify the existence of vulnerabilities and production teams deploy critical patches. This whole process often takes too long and is not very automated.

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