eEye Digital Security introduces Blink Personal freeware

eEye Digital Security announced the release of Blink Personal, a free version of its award-winning Blink endpoint security technology, developed for non-commercial users. Blink Personal is the first free security product available to consumers to combine multiple layers of technology that protect against identity theft, worms, trojan horses and other attack methods hackers use, into a single agent that is unobtrusive, integrated and deeply-layered with security functionality.

Deployed as a software agent on a Windows-based desktop PC or laptop, Blink Personal leverages multiple layers of protection—more so than any other endpoint security product—to shield individual digital assets from attacks and keep systems up and running. Blink Personal not only delivers the industry’s most comprehensive endpoint security for the attacks that are affecting users today, it unifies this functionality in order to reduce the memory and computing resources necessary to support the agent.

Blink Personal combines the following technologies into an integrated solution:

” Protocol-based Intrusion Prevention System -stops both known and unknown attacks from ever reaching the operating system, effectively repelling hackers
” Application Protection – prevents buffer overflow attacks from passing control of a system to an external agent or crashing a system in a denial of service attack
” System Firewall – protects inbound and outbound port access
” Application Firewall – determines which protocols can talk to specific applications
” Anti-Phishing Protection – warns of fraudulent links and URLs
” Retina Local Agent – for periodic assessment of all local system vulnerabilities and how to remediate them
” System Control – controls which applications can execute on the system and whether removable storage devices, such as USB drives, can be used

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