Green Armor Solutions to power up online banking authentication for over 1,200 credit unions

Mid-Atlantic Corporate Federal Credit Union, which services over 1,200 credit unions and has over $2 billion in assets, announced today that it has selected Green Armor Solutions to implement two-factor and mutual/site authentication for the online banking systems of its member credit unions. Mid-Atlantic reported that the selection followed an exhaustive process of comparing and testing authentication solutions from over a dozen vendors.
Green Armor Solutions will enable Mid-Atlantic’s members to strengthen authentication for online banking and to meet new FFIEC and NCUA security guidelines without sacrificing user friendliness, and without having to endure a complicated and costly enrollment process. The system will also provide simple, straightforward, and psychologically efficient mutual authentication, helping to protect credit union members from phishing scams and related fraud without requiring effort by end-users.
“We researched and evaluated authentication systems from over a dozen vendors, and found Green Armor’s technology more compelling than those of competing firms. The Green Armor system simply offers a much better user experience as well as stronger security than the technology offered by other providers,” commented Robert Frank, Vice President of Information Technology at Mid-Atlantic.

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