Info on the upcoming F-Secure Client Security 7

At the beginning of 2007 the new F-Secure Client Security 7 will take the protection of corporate PCs to a new level by guarding against such emerging threats as zero-day and rootkit attacks. The latest version of this award-winning software now showcases a number of remarkable new and revised features to ensure world-class data security for corporate customers.
The most significant new feature is the F-Secure DeepGuard application to provide zero-day protection against previously unknown malware. It uniquely combines several proactive technologies, such as advanced real-time heuristics, sandboxing and behaviour-monitoring with signature based antivirus technology to ensure comprehensive data protection. Instead of just analyzing new programs once when they enter the system, F-Secure DeepGuard also persistently monitors the behaviour of software in real-time mode, scanning for suspicious program behaviour and stopping activities that might pose a risk.
F-Secure DeepGuard is designed to require as little user intervention as possible thanks to its artificial intelligence as well as tight integration with antivirus and firewall programs.
Other innovations in F-Secure Client Security 7 include the ability to find hidden rootkits and lurking spyware through the integrated F-Secure BlackLight?¤ rootkit scanning functionality. The remotely managed rootkit scanning provided by F-Secure Blacklight holds a unique position in the market allowing administrators to scan the entire company network, for example, during off peak periods, without affecting network usage.
In recognition of the increasing problem of spyware, F-Secure has further improved the spyware protection in F-Secure Client Security 7 bringing detection and removal capabilities to the next level.  Improvements also make spyware protection easier and more flexible thanks to several new scanning options. F-Secure Client Security also includes an expanded quarantine feature to list viruses, spyware and riskware.
F-Secure Policy Manager 7, the security management system that comes as part of the F-Secure Client Security 7 package, also brings new functionalities. The latest version includes a unique remote management feature for both F-Secure Blacklight and F-Secure DeepGuard. As before, F-Secure Policy Manager enables IT administrators to install, configure, update, upgrade and monitor all the corporate security solutions from a single location.
By combining F-Secure Policy Manager 7 and F-Secure Anti-Virus for Servers 7 with F-Secure Client Security 7, companies can take protection of their computer systems to the next level. New features in F-Secure Anti-Virus for Servers 7 include greater performance, reliability and usability and best-of-breed spyware, rootkit and riskware protection for Windows servers.
Commenting on Client Security 7, Christian Christiansen, IDC VP of Security Products & Services, said, “To deal with the current threat landscape, F-Secure took the next logical step to evolve its data security software. As attacks are increasingly aimed at specific corporate targets, traditional antivirus has difficulty dealing with malware containing cloaking techniques.  F-Secure’s remotely managed multi-tier Host-based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) and rootkit scan offers robust protection needed for the next generation of attacks.
Overall, F-Secure Client Security 7 has improved use of system resources thanks to major changes to its architecture. As a result the number of running processes is smaller and its performance even greater. In addition, a redesigned automatic update system provides greater control and service over database update delivery.

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