SafeNet announces World’s first full mobility IPSec VPN Toolkit

SafeNet, Inc. announced QuickSec 4.1, the world’s first integrated IPSec VPN platform enabling security gateways to support VPN connections from next-generation mobile devices. QuickSec 4.1 Server and Client Toolkits enable OEM developers to build the most robust and current IPSec security standards such as MobIKE into carrier-grade security gateways, network routers, as well as mobile VPN devices and desktop VPN clients.

QuickSec 4.1 Server Toolkit (Premium Edition)

QuickSec 4.1 Server Toolkit is a complete IPSec development toolkit that provides a carrier-grade IPSec VPN solution for networking device developers. QuickSec 4.1 Server Toolkit enables robust and standards-compliant authentication, confidentiality, and data integrity for security gateways, routers and network servers. Fully interoperable with QuickSec and other standard-based clients, the server toolkit includes IKEv2 as well as MobIKE for mobile VPN client support. MobIKE is the latest mobility and multihoming addition to the IKE key exchange protocol specified by IETF. It enables seamless roaming of IPSec VPN clients from one IP network to another without terminating and re-negotiating the secure VPN connection. This feature benefits mobile users by maintaining a secure VPN connection every time they traverse from one IP network to another.

QuickSec 4.1 Server Toolkit includes remote access server functionality as well as high-availability APIs with device redundancy and failover features. The small runtime footprint with deterministic memory allocation ensures linear scalability to meet the most demanding performance requirements of carrier-grade telecommunication systems. QuickSec 4.1 Server Toolkit supports Linux 2.4/2.6, Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003 (also on 64-bit platforms), MontaVista Linux 4.0, VxWorks, and other operating systems. QuickSec 4.1 also provides a variety of powerful security features such as a multilayer stateful IPv6 / IPv4 TCP/IP firewall with attack prevention, a dual-version IKE protocol implementation, and Application Layer Gateways (ALGs) for various networking protocols, including HTTP, SIP, FTP, and CIFS. QuickSec 4.1 Server Toolkit is also available in standard edition for enterprise-class applications.

QuickSec 4.1 Client Toolkit (Premium Edition)

QuickSec 4.1 Client Toolkit enables developers to build robust IPSec VPN client functionality into mobile networking devices. QuickSec 4.1 is the first small-footprint security toolkit in the market to support the latest mobile VPN standards and platforms, including the IPSec authentication protocol MobIKE, as well as mobile platforms such as Windows Mobile 5.0. Supported client platforms include Windows Mobile 5.0, Linux 2.6, MontaVista Linux 4.0 and Microsoft Windows 2000/XP. QuickSec 4.1 Client Toolkit is also available in Standard Edition for client applications that do not require MobIKE protocol support.

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