TCN chooses Panda BusinesSecure 2006 as Recommended Product

The Spanish TCN magazine, on announcing its selected products for 2006, has named Panda BusinesSecure 2006 with TruPrevent Technologies as its “Recommended Product’ in the “Security Tool’ category. 

“Among the key features of Panda BusinesSecure 2006 we must emphasize its personal computer and server protection.  It protects against malware, viruses, worms, Trojans, spam, spyware, phishing, pharming, cookies, dialers, hacking tools, jokes, etc” , mentions the magazine.  TCN also stresses the solution’s preventive techniques: “TruPreventâ„? Technologies prevent against any type of  threat, blocking it before it spreads.”

Other qualities of Panda BusinesSecure 2006 with TruPreventTM Technologies highlighted by TCN include its warning system and the automatic update option.  Referring to the latter it adds: “Administrators will obtain complete information due to the automatic warnings and detailed activity reports.  As with all Panda products, the solution includes an advanced daily automatic update system.”

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