Symantec introduces new security information management offering

Symantec announced Symantec Security Information Manager 4.5, providing customers the foundation of a solid IT governance and compliance program by automating the incident management lifecycle. Symantec Security Information Manager assists customers in mitigating IT risk by reporting on the effectiveness of IT security controls and enabling IT administrators to quickly respond to security threats and incidents in network environments.

Symantec Security Information Manager 4.5 delivers integrated event archiving and management, improved compliance reporting, and strong administration of enterprise deployments. In order to improve compliance efforts, customers are able to build a repeatable and documented incident response program and are provided built-in report templates that can be customized, scheduled, and distributed automatically.

“Symantec Security Information Manager gives us a comprehensive view of security across our entire network environment, including third-party security solutions running on multiple platforms,” said Adam Gray, Chief Technology Officer, Novacoast. “By centralizing and correlating data from every node in our enterprise, we’re able to detect and respond to problems more easily and quickly.”

Symantec Security Information Manager 4.5 provides customers long-term retention of logs for forensic and compliance mandates. In order to lower total cost of ownership, numerous new storage options are now available including: DAS, SAN, and NAS. Symantec Security Information Manager also provides an infrastructure monitoring user interface and user management through Active Directory integration and roles management.

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