Secured eMail launches integrated content filtering and encryption solution

Secured eMail today announced the availability of Workshare Protect for Secured eMail ePrivacy Suite Enterprise, a client based outbound content monitoring and email encryption platform developed using the Workshare Ready SDK.

The integrated solution automatically discovers and encrypts sensitive information at desktop level, such as intellectual property and private customer, HR and financial information, based on content risk policy. Sensitive information can include personally identifiable information such as Social Security numbers (SSNs) and passwords, custom and pre- defined policies regulations such as for HIPAA, CA SB1386, EU Data Protection Act, Sarbanes Oxley and others. In addition policy can protect confidential information such as financial disclosures and product plans.

The integrated Secured eMail and Workshare solution provides:
” Increased productivity and reduced administrative burden with Secured eMail’s easy-to- use desktop encryption solution.
” Central management of encryption and content filtering policies, with no need for certificates or PKI key management.
” Zero foot-print ReaderĀ®Lite for recipients of encrypted emails.
” Protection for the widest number of data formats including support for more than 370 file formats and analysis of both visible and hidden content in messages and attachments based on actual content and the identities of the sender and recipients.
” Enhanced real-time assessment and management of risk through integrated policy, alerting, incident management and reporting.
” Centralized policy management and enforcement via the Secured eMail Admin Console and Workshare Protect Enterprise Suite, which together enforce specific remediation actions such as block or encrypt, including those recommended by its content analysis.

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