Secure mobile instant messaging in Sybase Information Anywhere suite

Sybase iAnywhere announced that it has added mobile instant messaging and presence capabilities to its Information Anywhere suite. This addition to the Information Anywhere suite addresses the demand of today’s mobile workers for increased productivity and collaboration by offering the most comprehensive support for extending enterprise email systems and IM platforms across the broadest range of mobile devices.

Sybase iAnywhere’s mobile IM and presence technology is a component of the company’s Information Anywhere suite, a platform that addresses converging enterprise requirements for mobile email, collaboration, security, device management and enterprise applications. Additionally, the new technology provides logging and routing capabilities that ensure compliance with corporate auditing policies.

“Sybase iAnywhere addresses the rapidly growing enterprise IM medium by enabling businesses to ensure that their mobile workers have the same ability to communicate in real-time as if they were in the office. Now users in the field can easily determine if their co-workers are online and available,” explained Mark Willnerd, vice president, iAnywhere. “Additionally, we give enterprises the tools to easily manage and secure mobile communications wherever their employees may be.”

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