Companion textbook on IPv6 advanced protocols

Blue Coat announced that one of its senior technologists, Qing Li, has co-authored a second volume to his recent reference book on Internet Protocol version six (IPv6). IPv6 Advanced Protocols Implementation will be available from Morgan Kaufmann Press in early April 2007.
IPv6 is now in its deployment stage after having been in development with the IETF for over 10 years. KAME is the widely accepted reference implementation for IPv6 and IP security protocols developed on multiple variants of the BSD operating systems. This new book tackles more high level topics than its predecessor, IPv6 Core Protocols Implementation written by this same author team. Volume one focuses on fundamentals of IPv6 and essential protocols. Volume two takes the next step and details protocols that are found in more advanced and complex IPv6 network environments. Specifically, this book engages the reader in advanced topics such as routing, multicasting, DNS, DHCPv6, mobility, and security.
Li is responsible for the design and development of Blue Coat’s networking stack, which includes strategy and implementation of IPv6 for Blue Coat’s SG appliances for security, control and acceleration of Web interactions between users and content or applications. He holds various patents, both granted and pending, on network and kernel design algorithms. Li has been working in the networking industry for over ten years and holds a Masters of Science Honors in Advanced High Performance Computing from Santa Clara University and Bachelors of Science with Specialization in Computing Science from the University of Alberta, Canada. He is also a visiting researcher at the KEIO Research Institute at KEIO University in Japan.

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