Next generation SaaS platform for security risk and compliance management

Qualys announced QualysGuard 5.0, the platform for delivering next generation security risk and compliance management solutions that allow security managers and auditors to get a continuous view of a company’s security and compliance posture.

With the QualysGuard 5.0 SaaS Platform, customers and partners can immediately take advantage of the highly interactive functionality and performance enhancements, without having to install any new software. QualysGuard 5.0 features include:

” New AJAX Graphical User Interface (UI): QualysGuard 5.0 makes all vulnerability management and policy compliance functions more efficient by placing them one click away from the user’s dashboard. The new UI delivers an intuitive, contextual-based interface that looks and feels like a desktop application with new context-sensitive menus and workflows. It significantly reduces the learning curve for customers. Additionally, the underlying AJAX-based framework allows Qualys to respond to customer demands by introducing new features and capabilities on a continuous basis.

” Massive Parallelized Scanning Architecture: Critical for large implementations, scanner parallelization reduces scan time drastically allowing customers to immediately respond to enterprise-wide threats. When scanning large distributed networks, customers will experience a speed increase up to 400 percent. Increasing speed, while maintaining the Six Sigma scanning accuracy level that customers are currently experiencing is paramount as networks are becoming more complex, zero-day exploits more frequent and regulations more stringent.

” Enhanced Business Unit Reporting and Dashboard: QualysGuard 5.0 allows highly distributed organizations to better manage and delegate scanning, remediation, reporting and compliance efforts down to the individual business unit. This ability improves the accuracy and efficiency of the security auditing process, to reduce security and compliance risk across an organization.

” Integration APIs: New QualysGuard 5.0 XML Application Programming Interface (API) gives partners and customers full control of user access and account management. It allows partners to seamlessly integrate QualysGuard into their existing portal and monitoring solutions, and build new solutions on top of the platform.

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