ES520 Secure Wireless Access Bridge awarded with Wi-Fi Certification

Fortress Technologies announced that its ES520 Secure Wireless Access Bridge has been awarded Wi-Fi Certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance.  In order to earn the Wi-Fi Certification, Fortress’ ES520 Secure Wireless Access Bridge was put through a rigorous interoperability testing process that ensures compatibility with products from different vendors. 
The Fortress ES520 provides wireless infrastructure for mission-critical communications across fixed, portable and mobile environments – offering immediate “on-demand” secure voice, video and data capabilities.  The Fortress ES520 enables organizations to rapidly establish a high-performance wireless mesh network by combining the functions of an access point, switch, wireless bridge and security gateway in a form factor engineered specifically for harsh outdoor environments.  These capabilities now enable government agents, officers and soldiers to establish lines of communications in areas with no available infrastructure.

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