General availability of SSH Tectia Server 5.4 for IBM z/OS

SSH Communications Security y announced that SSH Tectia Server 5.4 for IBM z/OS is generally available with new usability features and increased integration into the IBM mainframe environment.
SSH Tectia Server for IBM z/OS is a cost-effective file transfer solution, supporting direct MVS file system access and hardware acceleration for secure cross-platform file transfers and secure TN3270 connections.
SSH Tectia products are increasingly being deployed for use in internal networks with thousands of Unix, Linux and Windows computers. Responding to increased customer demand, SSH has now introduced a set of new features that makes it easier and faster to introduce secure file transfers for IBM mainframes in a heterogeneous computing environment. Some of these include a Key Distribution Utility for automated distribution and setup of server host keys and user public keys, which makes the management of keys considerably less time consuming and error prone. Also included is support for the OpenSSH key format, enabling easy integration of security between the IBM mainframe, and Linux or Unix systems that use OpenSSH. This new version also supports Generation Data Group (GDG) sets, giving users direct access to MVS files without unnecessary staging or without intermediary file conversion.
With the introduction of new usability features, it is now easier than ever for users to securely transfer files to and from the mainframe. Using SSH Tectia’s graphical user interface or command line interface, users can access mainframe data without having to be mainframe experts. Also included is the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) compatibility feature, which eases the transition to Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). Finally, the new version introduces improved logging and auditing of file transfers due to its support of IBM’s Systems Management Facility (SMF), allowing companies to meet corporate auditing policies.

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