Real-World ‘Hacking Demonstration’ workshops in Canada

CRYPTOCard will team up with Simple Technology Inc. to provide Ottawa organizations, resellers, and press with the first fully-interactive “Hacking Demonstration” workshop at the Novotel Ottawa Hotel on May 15, 2007. The innovative workshop will include live examples of hacking techniques, identity theft techniques, and website defacement techniques as well as explaining the best methods of thwarting such vicious attacks. Additional workshops are scheduled for Halifax, Nova Scotia on June 6, Montreal, Quebec in September, and other cities in North America throughout the year.

Jason Hart, CEO, CRYPTOCard Europe, and a former ethical hacker will provide attendees with thought-provoking real-world examples of how easily hackers can bypass today’s IT security systems, by such means as circumventing enterprise content filters using Google translator, and also demonstrate just how easy it is to search through Google to find static passwords for even the most security-conscious organizations and government agencies. During the workshop hart will also take total control of numerous IP security cameras around the globe panning office spaces in real time.

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