Certicom Elliptic Curve Cryptography Conference 2007 Call for Papers

Certicom announced that the Call for Papers for the fourth annual Certicom ECC Conference 2007 is now open. Scheduled for November 13-15 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto, Canada, the ECC Conference attracts security professionals, developers, product managers, CXOs, industry leaders, policy makers and security analysts to discuss the emerging uses of elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) in addressing security needs in government and corporate organizations. Last year’s speakers represented Motorola, Qualcomm, Research In Motion, and Philips Electronics, among others.

Papers for this year’s conference are being solicited in the following areas:

– Suite B cryptanalysis
– Suite B product solutions – design issues, benchmarks, application
– Application interoperability/transition between ECC and RSA
– ECC applications in electronic commerce, content protection, mobility, wireless networks, RFID and enterprise software
– ECC implementation, optimization and benchmarking

Abstracts should be submitted by May 31, 2007 to conference@certicom.com and include:
– Presentation title
– Presentation abstract (minimum 1000 characters, including spaces)
– Session technical level (basic, intermediate, advanced)

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