FidelisProtect Data Privacy Assessment shows real-time extrusion vulnerabilities

Fidelis Security Systems announced the availability of the FidelisProtect Data Privacy Assessment, allowing organizations for the first time to quantify and qualify their risks of data leakage, known as extrusions. The FidelisProtect Data Privacy Assessment is a two-week network assessment that gives organizations the ability to understand their risks in a range of areas including protecting intellectual property and identity information, assuring compliance with government and industry privacy regulations, and managing insider use of the internet.

The assessment is conducted using Fidelis XPS the only system able to identify and stop data leakages before they occur, on all network channels on gigabit-speed networks. As Fidelis XPS is a network appliance that fits seamlessly into existing IT infrastructure, the assessment is designed to require minimal resources and have minimal impact on the organization’s operations, requiring no configuration changes to the network Following the conclusion of the two-week assessment period, a comprehensive report is delivered that details the discovered threats and their resulting vulnerabilities, an analysis of the impact of the vulnerabilities, and recommended controls for reducing the risk.

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