SecuBox v.1.2 Pocket PC encryption software to ease mobile data protection

Aiko Solutions releases SecuBox 1.2, the latest version of its data protection software for Windows PDAs. SecuBox creates a virtual encrypted storage on Pocket PC, which looks like a usual storage to the user. All information written to this encrypted storage is automatically encrypted on the fly using industry standard AES 256-bit encryption. It encrypts all sensitive information keeping it secure and protected, even in such catastrophic cases when the PDA is lost or stolen.

Aimed to improve user experience and ease day-to-day data protection routines, SecuBox 1.2 comes with command line support and close integration with Windows Mobile File Explorer. You can now use SecuBox directly from the command prompt which makes it ideal for automating repetitive tasks. An extensive set of command line options gives you pinpoint control over SecuBox’s actions.

Product highlights:

* Advanced security algorithms – AES 256-bit encryption algorithm is used for encrypting the data, SHA 512 for generating the encryption key. No knowledge of encryption and cryptography required – designed for busy professionals that value their time.

* Encryption key backup – The backup copy allows restoring the storage in the cases of password loss or if the storage file has been accidentally corrupted during the operating system failure.

* Easy installation, maintenance and usage – SecuBox for Pocket PC seamlessly integrates into daily life requiring no change in the way users work with Pocket PC. No configuration or soft reset required.

* On-the-fly transparent encryption – SecuBox creates encrypted virtual storages. When you open a file from a SecuBox secure storage the data is decrypted on-the-fly, when you save it back on the encrypted storage, the data is automatically encrypted.

* Password strength meter – a good password is one that cannot be guessed. Our advanced algorithms for judging the password’s quality will help you create a strong, hard-to-guess password to ensure that no one will ever get access to your encrypted information.

* Secure storage deletion – ensures that deleted files will never be recovered by special recovery tools.

* Change storage properties – encrypted storages can be assigned read only and hidden properties.

* Multiple encrypted storages – up to 10 encrypted storages may be mounted at the same time.

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