Citrix demonstrates industry’s first interoperable WAN optimization and SSL VPN solution

Citrix Systems announced the availability of a new software-based WAN optimization client that extends LAN-like application performance to mobile employees, even when they are working outside of branch office locations. In an industry first, Citrix will also demonstrate the new Citrix WANScaler client working seamlessly with its market-leading Citrix Access Gateway SSL VPN solution at Interop Las Vegas 2007 this week, eliminating the traditional trade off between fast application performance and secure application access for mobile employees. The new release is an integral part of Citrix’s comprehensive application delivery infrastructure strategy, enabling customers to deliver any application to any user with the best performance, security and cost savings.

The new Citrix WANScaler client offers a transparent software installation that sits right on a user’s desktop – or even home computer – enabling them to experience the advantages of WAN optimization from anywhere. The WANScaler client dynamically self-tunes for optimal performance based on real-time network conditions and incorporates features previously available only in the Citrix WANScaler appliance, such as industry-leading compression, multiple protocol optimizations and advanced TCP acceleration.

As WAN optimization solutions extend to mobile users, they face a second challenge of interoperating with secure application access solutions like SSL VPNs. When an SSL VPN encrypts a user session, most WAN optimization technologies fail to work properly because they cannot optimize the encrypted traffic. The new WANScaler client is the first in the industry to address this challenge by interoperating with Citrix’s market-leading Access Gateway SSL VPN client, ensuring that mobile employees experience both fast and secure application access when using the two solutions together.

The WANScaler client will be commercially available in June. Worldwide availability is expected in Q3. WANScaler Client suggested retail pricing varies, depending on the size of the deployment.

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