Barracuda web filter integrates advanced reporting capabilities

Barracuda Networks announced that the Barracuda Web Filter now incorporates advanced reporting capabilities as a complement to the award-winning content filtering capabilities.  The new in-depth reports provide network administrators deeper visibility into corporate Web usage enabling better management and assignment of bandwidth.

The Barracuda Web Filter expands its reporting capabilities by adding a complete set of reports based on criteria, such as user behavior, traffic patterns over time, bandwidth usage, domain requests, Web site categories and log history. For existing customers of the Barracuda Web Filter, the latest upgrade also enables customers to compile reports on historical Web traffic.  The Barracuda Web Filter is designed to store approximately six months of Web traffic history, depending upon volume.

New reporting capabilities of the Barracuda Web Filter include:

” User Reports – Compound reports that provide detailed views of Web usage by site and by hour for both user bandwidth and Web requests.
” Time-based Reports – Provide traffic patterns over time, including Web requests, bandwidth, actions by hour and Web site categories visited.
” Category Reports – Displays “most visited” Web site categories by domain requests and bandwidth utilized.
” Drill-down Reports – Interactive summary reports that enable “drill down” for further analysis.  For example, clicking on a domain name in the “Top Web sites by Bandwidth” report will show the “Top Users by Bandwidth” report with the destination filter on that domain name.  In this example, an administrator seeing bandwidth usage on an unexpected Web site can immediately determine which users are visiting that site.
” Scheduled Reports – Customizable reports that can be automatically delivered via email on daily, weekly or monthly intervals.
” Log Exports – The most detailed view of the log history, including the complete paths of Web sites visited.
” New Output Formats – Administrators have the choice to generate reports in PDF, HTML, text-only or comma-separated value (CSV) formats.
” New Filters – In addition to filtering report data by a date range, administrators can filter by source, such as IP address, user, or group. Reports can also be filtered by destination, such as domain or Web site category, where applicable

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