Instant password recovery for Microsoft Office documents

Intelore announces the release of Office Password Recovery v.2.0. The new release adds an ability to instantly recover lost or forgotten passwords in Microsoft Office documents.

Intelore Office Password Recovery combines the benefits of using stand-alone software with the power of dedicated super computers to allow for instant recovery of password-protected Microsoft Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. Documents that are protected with a password to open, and saved in MS Office 97 or 2000 format, can be instantly unlocked without the need to send entire documents to the password recovery servers. Office Password Recovery only sends the document’s encryption parameters that are essential for recovering the password. No documents and no private data ever leave the corporate premises.

Everything is decrypted entirely on your computer, thus ensuring maximum privacy and security of your sensitive information. Even if your company uses newer versions of Microsoft Office (such as 2002, XP, or 2003) you will still be able to instantly recover passwords if the documents are saved in Office 97/2000 compatibility mode, in which case all password-protected documents are saved by default in these versions of Office applications.

Instant password recovery is also available for other types of passwords, such as modification or general access protection, and for documents saved by many products of Microsoft Office suite, including Microsoft Access, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Outlook.

Office Password Recovery is available as a free evaluation download at our company web site. A license for non-commercial use is available for $79, while a business or commercial use license is $129. Word Password Recovery and Excel Password recovery are also available as separate products at even lower prices.

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