New service offers advanced notification of potential identity misuse

IdentityTruth announced the public beta launch of, a free service to provide individuals with the earliest possible notification in advance of potential misuses.

Armed with precise actionable information from IdentityTruth, consumers can proactively reduce the risk of their identities through better understanding of where their personal data may be used or misused. This knowledge affords individuals the opportunity to act sooner rather than later. Early detection is the best protection.

IdentityTruth combines in real-time detected suspicious activities, fraud schemes, credit requests, related data breaches, and the individual’s specific profile to offer a more complete picture of a consumer’s identity risk. It reports suspicious events in the past, predicts possible frauds that could impact the individual in the future, delivers on-going alerts about any changes to the individual’s credit and identity profiles, and reports on any related regionalized data breach that could have impacted the individuals identity.

Under the free beta program, IdentityTruth does not require the subscribers to divulge any confidential information (social security #, drivers license #, account info, etc.) to use the service.

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