Running the PuTTY SSH Client on a Nokia E61

PuTTY allows you to use your Symbian-powered mobile device to connect securely to a remote computer no matter where you are located. The software is free and it enables you to use SSH to be sure a secure channel is created between you and the remote machine. With this tool you can perform various tasks and I bet many of you would like to be able to control their server from the road, we all know problems occur at the least opportune time.

This article will cover the installation and usage of PuTTY on a Nokia E61. It is filled with screenshots that will make the entire process easy to follow. PuTTY is available for download here.

Once you’ve got it on your device the straightforward installation procedure can start.

If you get a security warning, don’t worry about it, it’s just the OS being careful about allowing you to install untrusted applications. If you got the tool from the official download site linked above just click Continue.

Here are the details of the software you’re installing.

PuTTY needs some additional permissions in order to work.

This is the final screen that is shown once the application is installed.

PuTTY is now located in your Installations folder, ready to work.

Once started you’ll get a blank screen. If you click on Select you can start exploring the variety of options.

If you choose to connect you’ll get the usual input fields to fill. You have to define the host, username and password.

As you can see from the screenshot above, once you connect for the first time the type on the screen looks very small but this can be changed quickly.

When the size of the font is increased, working in PuTTY becomes very easy. This is particularly true on the Nokia E61 because of its QWERTY keyboard that makes fast typing a reality, even with such small keys.

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