Testing a Bluetooth worm on Nokia E90 Communicator

Mikko H. Hypp?¶nen, F-Secure’s Chief Research Officer will be delivering presentations on the current state of mobile malware this week in Black Hat Briefings and next week at Usenix Security.

One of the new findings he’ll be announcing is that in the latest Symbian-based smartphones the Bluetooth user interface has been changed to be more malware-resistant.

In this video they are testing the Cabir Bluetooth worm against two Symbian S60 3rd edition phones: Nokia E60 and Nokia E90. As you’ll see, there are important differences on how these phones handle the situation.

Do note that Cabir is a S60 2nd edition Bluetooth worm and wouldn’t be able to succesfully infect these devices even if the transmission would be accepted.

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