First virtualised browser security solution

Check Point today unveiled a public beta of the new ZoneAlarm ForceField, the first virtualised, on-demand browser security solution.

ZoneAlarm ForceField Features and Benefits

  • Virtual surfing creates a duplicate, disposable version of “you” to block Web attacks, leaving users safe to surf safely
  • Two-way protection not only defends the PC against Internet attacks, but also protects Web sessions from threats already on the PC-, like spyware and keyloggers.
  • Advanced anti-phishing utilises sophisticated heuristics and the best signature system available to prevent users from visiting fraudulent Web sites that try to trick users into revealing personal data.
  • Privacy mode permits users to surf anywhere and type anything without leaving a single trace on the computer.
  • Dangerous download detector checks every file download form the Internet to make sure it’s clean. 
  • Anti-keylogger/screengrabber discovers and blocks silent spyware programs that try to steal users’ identity by recording keys that users type and pagers that users view.
  • Web site auditor checks credentials on every Web site to see if it is safer to enter data or download files.
  • Spyware scanner scans users’ browsing session for dangerous spyware that may be running.
  • Spy site blocking finds and blocks spyware distribution sites as users surf the Web.
  • Temp file encryption encrypts the temporary files that are automatically created on users’ PCs as they type information on the Web, so they cannot be compromised by spyware on their PCs.
  • Browser exploit immunity inoculates users’ computers from automatic downloads and other threats that occur through the numerous browser exploits that arise each year.
  • Instant ForceField gives travelers the temporary use of ForceField on borrowed computers at kiosks, on friends’ PCs and at other public places.
  • Security Services subscription offers access to Instant ZoneAlarm ForceField along with computer backup, real-world identity theft protection, customer support and new services that are added over time.

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