Top spam-relaying countries – US leads the way

Sophos has published its latest report on the top twelve spam-relaying countries over the third quarter of 2007. Experts at SophosLabs scanned all spam messages received in the company’s global network of spam traps, and have revealed that yet again the US relayed more spam than any other nation, accounting for a massive 28.4 percent – meaning that almost one in three of all the world’s spam emails is being sent through a compromised US computer.

The gap between the US and its nearest rival has also increased significantly, with second placed South Korea only responsible for relaying 5.2 percent, or one in twenty spam messages.

The top twelve spam-relaying countries are as follows:

July to September 2007

  1. United States                28.4%
  2. South Korea                   5.2%
  3. China (inc. Hong Kong)        4.9%
  4. Russia                        4.4%
  5. Brazil                        3.7%
  6. France                        3.6%
  7. Germany                       3.4%
  8. Turkey                        3.2%
  9. Poland                        2.7%
 10. United Kingdom                2.4%
 11. Romania                       2.3%
 12. Mexico                        1.9%

     Other                        33.9%

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