New advanced quality and security WLAN testing solution

Codenomicon introduced DEFENSICS for WLAN, an advanced quality and security testing solution that gives developers of wireless consumer devices, public broadband infrastructure vendors and network service providers the means to identify previously unknown product flaws and security vulnerabilities early in the production process — before any business or consumer information is compromised or service maliciously interrupted.

Codenomicon DEFENSICS for WLAN is the first integrated wireless test suite of its kind. It can be used to extend quality assurance and security-readiness processes of vendors, service providers, enterprises and municipalities deploying Wi-Fi and WiMax networks.

The DEFENSICS test methodology is based on systematic targeting of possible attacks that go beyond the points of known threats to mitigate against unknown vulnerabilities or zero-day attacks. Attacks to the network infrastructure, mobile devices and Bluetooth devices have exploited complex protocol-level flaws. The use of automated, systematic black-box robustness testing ensures maximum coverage and repeatable results, which are essential for product quality assurance, secure development lifecycle, and deployment readiness validation.

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