USB encryption product news #1: KeyPoint Solo Vault

RedCannon Security announced the RedCannon KeyPoint Solo Vault, a software solution to protect sensitive data stored on USB devices. RedCannon KeyPoint Solo Vault provides standards-based, military-grade software encryption that allows end-users to maintain productivity in the field with the assurance that the data they carry and use will not be compromised.

KeyPoint Solo Vault extends the benefits of the RedCannon FIPS-certified portable encryption technology to any USB flash drive. The solution operates without a management server and requires no software installation on the host PC. It is available as software only or bundled with a high-performance USB flash drive and the KeyPoint Port Control software in the KeyPoint Data Leak Prevention Kit.

Due to their convenience and mobility, the use of USB flash drives continue to grow, with industry analysts predicting approximately 340 million USB flash drives to be sold in 2008. KeyPoint Solo Vault may be installed on any USB flash drive to ensure that the data stored on these devices is encrypted and protected, giving IT professionals more peace of mind regarding security policy enforcement and regulatory compliance.

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