WLAN security applications for OQO Ultra Mobile PC

AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer and AirMagnet Survey are the first WLAN security and management applications to offer platform support for Ultra Mobile Personal Computers (UMPCs). The first device AirMagnet will support is OQO’s model 02, an award-winning UMPC that is the world’s smallest fully functional PC.

AirMagnet’s Laptop Analyzer is a mobile field tool for auditing and troubleshooting enterprise Wi-Fi networks. It proactively diagnoses WLAN problems and helps IT staff quickly solve end user issues while automatically detecting security threats and other wireless network vulnerabilities. AirMagnet Survey is a WLAN planning solution that enables customers to collect live signal, packet and spectrum data during site surveys, and simulate and measure network performance in the most scientific way possible with the most accurate depiction of the real user experience.

UMPCs are small form factor PCs that run standard Windows XP or Vista operating systems with display sizes of 7 inches or less. The OQO model 02 delivers computing performance powerful enough to perform critical tasks and meet enterprise productivity requirements anywhere and anytime, all in a device that weighs less than one pound.

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