Windows Vista SP1 security improvements

Windows Vista SP1 adds numerous improvements to the original Vista release when it comes to security, reliability, application compatibility, power management and device support. Naturally, Windows Vista SP1 also includes all previously released updates for Windows Vista.

Security improvements that will be in Windows Vista SP1 include:

  • Enables security software vendors a more secure way to communicate with Windows Security Center.
  • It comes with APIs that third-party security applications can work with kernel patch protection on x64 versions of Windows Vista.
  • Improves the security of running RemoteApp programs and desktops by allowing Remote Desktop Protocol files to be signed. Customers can differentiate user experiences based on publisher identity.
  • Strengthens the cryptography platform with a redesigned random number generator, which leverages the Trusted Platform Module, when present, for entropy and complies with the latest standards. The redesigned RNG uses the AES-based pseudo-random number generator from NIST Special Publication 800-90 by default.
  • Enhances BitLocker Drive Encryption to offer an additional multifactor authentication method that combines a key protected by the Trusted Platform Module with a Startup key stored on a USB storage device and a user-generated PIN.

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