Optimal IdM introduces Virtual Identity Server

Optimal IdM launched its Virtual Identity Server, a Microsoft-centric virtual directory that is developed entirely in .NET managed code and enhances the functionality of Microsoft’s products such as: Active Directory (AD), Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM) and Identity Lifecycle Manager (ILM).

VIS can run as a pure virtual directory where data is not stored, but is proxied to/from the connected directories. In addition, VIS can be configured to utilize advanced features including: Virtual Schema Manager, which provides “on-the-fly” schema management eliminating the need to extend the Active Directory schema for applications; and Virtual Group Manager, which allows group membership to span multiple domains/forests without the need for forest trusts.

VlS group membership can contain either static or dynamic members. Dynamic membership is based on an LDAP filter and attributes associated with a user. Most companies have identities spread across multiple directories. This creates a challenge in determining where data is authoritative. VIS can solve this problem by presenting a consolidated or joined view of the data to applications.

VIS allows organizations to eliminate AD schema changes, reduce costs, and to simplify identity management deployments by giving administrators the ability to determine which data is synchronized and which data is dynamically joined in real-time.

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