PGP brings enterprise data protection to smartphone users

PGP released PGP Mobile, an encryption application that allows enterprise users to easily protect data on smartphones. While businesses have dramatically increased the use of mobile devices over recent years to improve productivity and customer service, the risk of losing sensitive data stored on those devices has also increased.

With PGP Mobile, data is encrypted automatically and can be shared securely with other mobile and desktop users. PGP Mobile joins an award-winning family of applications that are part of the PGP Encryption Platform, enabling organizations to protect data throughout the enterprise while reducing the operational costs associated with managing encryption keys, users, policy, and reporting for multiple point encryption products.

PGP Mobile can encrypt individual files, entire data volumes, archives, or directories. Administrators can quickly deploy PGP Mobile over-the-air, using the trusted key management and provisioning services of PGP Universal Server to speed setup. Users can easily share their PGP Mobile encrypted data with other smartphone and Windows users, even those without encryption software using self decrypting archives. PGP Mobile delivers the following key benefits:

  • Comprehensive data protection — PGP Mobile automatically encrypts data without impacting mobile device performance using proven, trusted, and easy-to-use PGP encryption.
  • Enforces policy, accelerates deployment — Uses existing infrastructure such as Windows Active Directory to enforce enterprise policies and provides for quick deployment including over-the-air (OTA) options preferred by enterprise mobile administrators.
  • Reduces operational costs associated with smartphone encryption — As part of the PGP Encryption Platform, PGP Mobile leverages integrated key management, automatic provisioning, and provides the ability to share encrypted data with other mobile and desktop users.

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