New functions added to Mantra 5.9 database auditing solution

Tizor Systems announced Mantra version 5.9 with advanced features for usability, scalability and compliance coverage. New features include automated policy creation for faster time to deployment; advanced analytics for mitigating data risk in real time; and an enhanced user interface for the most intuitive, easy to use solution for business, compliance and technical users.

New Mantra 5.9 highlights:

  • User Interface (UI) enhancements- With its enhanced UI design and functionality, Mantra is now even easier to use and maintain enabling “Day One Productivity.”
  • Policy Creation Wizard – Mantra’s Policy Wizard walks the user through a set of steps to define and automatically deploy compliance and security policies in minutes.
  • Change Management Wizard -Using this tool, enterprises can automatically monitor all database changes that would be integrated and reconciled with enterprise change management systems to ensure only approved changes are made to the database.
  • Global Policy Management – Mantra can now automatically create global policies that define rules and activity across all policies for greater management flexibility.
  • Expanded Analytics Performance – Mantra’s Behavioral Fingerprinting can now scale to support the largest datacenters to prevent data breaches in real time.
  • Enhanced Hardware Platform – The Mantra appliance has been enhanced to provide additional options for connectivity to multiple network-switches.
  • Software Collectors – Mantra E-TAP Agents can now be used to collect local and network traffic offering a simple and cost effective solution for auditing branch offices or remote sites where an appliance cannot be deployed.

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