RSA 2008: IronKey delivers improved mobile data security

IronKey announced today that RSA has certified interoperability between the IronKey Enterprise line of secure USB flash drives and RSA SecurID one-time password (OTP) technology through the RSA Secured partner program. RSA SecurID software tokens will now be stored on IronKey Enterprise devices, available with standard features for software token seed provisioning.

The interoperability partnership enables strong authentication and secure access to information through RSA SecurID technology embedded on an IronKey Enterprise flash drive. The combination of two-factor authentication with the IronKey Enterprise’s hardware-based encryption, centralized management capabilities, and policy enforcement provides improved security in a convenient format that is easy for IT administrators to deploy and manage.

RSA SecurID technology complements the unparalleled mobile data security, Internet protection services and centralized management capabilities of IronKey Enterprise. Using on-board, hardware-based, military-grade encryption, IronKey Enterprise enables organizations to protect proprietary data and enforce device usage and access policies across thousands of devices, mitigating the risks associated with lost, stolen or copied flash drives. The IronKey also comes with on-board applications that extend its protection to identity management, access management, and communications security. The IronKey administrator controls how and when these applications are used via policy settings that are stored in tamper-proof hardware on the IronKey, ensuring policies are enforced from the time the device is initialized until it is retired.

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