RSA 2008: TriCipher myOneLogin protects access to web applications behind enterprise firewalls

TriCipher added support for internal Web applications behind enterprise firewalls to its myOneLogin strong authentication single sign-on (SSO) solution. This upgrade gives enterprises the ability to manage and audit employee access to any Web application, whether inside or outside corporate firewalls, reducing risks associated with storing and accessing corporate, customer and financial data online.

myOneLogin now integrates with Microsoft Active Directory and all major secure socket layer (SSL) virtual private networks (VPNs), including Juniper, Cisco and F5, supporting federation with existing authentication infrastructures. This builds on myOneLogin’s support of more than 50 Web applications, including, WebEx, Google Apps, Microsoft Outlook Web Access and several social networks, giving users strong authentication with just a single username and password credential.

myOneLogin is the industry’s first software as a service (SaaS) offering to reduce risk from employee access to Internet-based applications. The SSO service now simplifies both administrative overhead and user password management for all Web applications, enabling users to manage their own accounts and access accounts from different machines without help desk calls or costly on-premise hardware and software.

myOneLogin provides enterprises with an SSO solution that:

  • Ensures password compliance for all applications, users and locations.
  • Eliminates password resets and lockouts and their associated costs and lost productivity.
  • Eliminates costly one-time password (OTP) tokens and their annual $100/user costs.
  • Eliminates stolen or phished credentials that enable unauthorized access to critical data.
  • Instantly and automatically de-provisions users when they leave organizations.

Pandemic planners need to ensure true “zero-day” delivery of enterprise systems to any employee in any location at any time. Because myOneLogin is deployed without any hardware or software, pandemic planners can quickly provide enterprise access to any user with an Internet connection, using strong authentication to protect enterprise information from man-in-the-middle (MITM) and man-in-the-browser (MITB) attacks.

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