Data at rest security for Oracle customers goes global

Relational Database Consultants announced today that the Encryption Wizard, a leading security and encryption software offering for the Oracle RDBMS, now ships with Natural Language Support for international character sets.

Protecting natural language character sets from data theft has always been difficult since many languages are represented in their written form as ideograms, complex symbols that require multi-byte characters for storage. These multi-dimensional arrays are represented in the Oracle RDBMS as nchar and nvarchar2 data types.

The Encryption Wizard for Oracle is considered the fastest Oracle database encryption product on the market. It offers AES256, 128 and DES3 encryption, utilizing Oracle’s FIPS 140-2 complaint cryptography packages. The secret to the software’s ROI for customers is that it hides the complexity of database encryption with an easy to use GUI interface.

Oracle Applications built around the Encryption Wizard’s DAR security blanket are able to access data through updateable decrypted views. These views enable authorized users to behold and modify encrypted rows in their original form. The Encryption Wizard employs bit-mapped function indexes to insure minimal speed degradation during these operations.

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