SSH Tectia Server 6.0 for IBM z/OS has been released

SSH announced the general availability of SSH Tectia Server 6.0 for IBM z/OS.

SSH Tectia Server for IBM z/OS is an advanced, cost-effective, secure file transfer solution for IBM mainframe environments. Offering state-of-the-art encryption and authentication technologies, it allows enterprises to quickly and easily secure file transfers and other data-in-transit across, and between, z/OS, Windows, UNIX, and Linux environments, with no changes to Job Control Language (JCL) tasks or scripts and no modifications to the existing infrastructure or applications.

The new version saves IT teams time and money by delivering automatic FTP to SFTP conversion. This provides a secure, drop-in replacement for FTP, and also supports transparent FTP tunneling without requiring changes to existing FTP JCL jobs and applications. It also features an enhanced SSHG3 client architecture to deliver improved scalability and performance for SSH Tectia’s advanced tunneling capabilities.

The SSH Tectia Server 6.0 for IBM z/OS improves file transfer reliability by providing new checkpoint/restart capabilities that automatically detect and resend all, or a portion, of a file in the event of a transfer interrupt, without requiring that the entire file be resent.

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