Web and E-Mail Software as a Service from Webroot

Webroot just released Web Security Software as a Service and an enhanced version of Webroot E-Mail Security SaaS for advanced content filtering, data leakage prevention and compliance.

Webroot Web Security SaaS

Webroot Web Security SaaS is a hosted solution that is managed and updated “in the cloud” and requires no additional hardware, software or personnel resources. Webroot Web Security SaaS routes all Internet traffic through Webroot’s global data centers where it is scanned and filtered for threats and unwanted content while enforcing organizational policies and increasing employee productivity.

The service is fully customizable and features access control, threat protection, content control, URL filtering, detailed logging and real time reporting. Once deployed, all Web requests are scanned for viruses and spyware; users are controlled as to where, when and what they can access; and unwanted file downloading, such as music and video files, can be prevented with granular user and group controls.

Update to the Webroot E-Mail Security SaaS

Webroot today also announced the latest release of Webroot E-Mail Security SaaS which includes advanced tools for monitoring and enforcing inbound and outbound email content, helping businesses enforce acceptable usage policies, incorporate best practices, and prevent leaks of sensitive or confidential information. The new features also assist in compliance with financial and medical regulations such as the GLBA, PCI/DSS, HIPPA, and state data privacy and breach notification laws.

The new capabilities scan, detect and apply polices to images and text in inbound and outbound email messages and their attachments. Granular controls allow organizations to manage policies at an organizational, group or user level and enforce policies for content detected in the header or body of email message as well as attachments including compressed or archived files, MS Office documents; PDF files, more than 300 other document types.

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