Secure IM appliance on limited offer for $1,500

Jabber announced that for a limited time its secure instant messaging appliance, JabberNow, is available for as low as $1,500. Existing JabberNow customers can enhance the functionality of their secure IM appliance by purchasing additional user licenses and plug-ins at promotional prices.

The promotion is an effort by Jabber, Inc. to promote the importance of secure instant messaging to businesses of all sizes.

Organizations that use free, public IM systems for business communications are playing with fire. The productivity costs and security risks associated with consumer-oriented IM can easily make “free’ systems expensive. Commercial-grade, secure IM solutions are available now to wean companies off public IM. The promotion on the JabberNow secure IM appliance is part of our effort to make it as easy as possible for people using public IM for business communications to move to a secure IM solution such as JabberNow.

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