Realtime troubleshooting functionality added to the AirDefense Wireless IPS

AirDefense launched Live View, an enhanced feature to AirDefense Enterprise, the company’s award-winning wireless intrusion prevention system. Live View gives enterprise IT network administrators a realtime view of all current wireless network activity enabling timely and cost-efficient troubleshooting to a myriad of connectivity or bandwidth issues that occur on wireless networks.

Live View also reduces costly visits by wireless IT experts to remote office locations, offering a tremendous return on investment (ROI) to AirDefense’s customers.

In addition, Live View enables IT administrators to visualize why devices such as laptops, VoWiFi phones or any Wi-Fi enabled device might be bouncing between Access Points (APs). For example, in a case where a user is having connectivity issues due to a malfunctioning AP, a support technician can use Live View to remotely diagnose the problem and determine the appropriate corrective action. After changes are made to correct the issue, Live View can be used to verify that the problem is in fact resolved. With powerful functions such as a configurable dashboard, device connectivity mapping and frame capture/analysis, Live View can be used to diagnose a wide variety of performance and connectivity issues.

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