Comprehensive data flow and VoIP management

Packet Island released an enterprise-lite version of PacketSmart, the proven carrier-class VoIP-Data lifecycle management solution. The PacketSmart Enterprise-Lite Platform comes with software pre-installed on a Dell server and a set of five 4″x5″ micro-appliances. The micro-appliances function as sniffers and double up as VoIP call generators for assessment purposes.

This solution is targeted to IT administrators of small and mid-sized companies deploying VoIP for a handful of branch offices using mixed network topologies and multiple ISP WANs. IT administrators can use the solution to perform the following functions:

  • Pre-assess data networks for VoIP readiness
  • Verify LAN/WAN QoS design based on TOS or Diffserv
  • Monitor live VoIP calls (SIP-based) on a 24×7 basis
  • Troubleshoot VoIP signaling issues
  • Remote packet capture with Ethereal/Wireshark compatibility
  • Monitor Top-10 data flows on a 24×7 basis
  • Generate a variety of on-demand reports to summarize SLAs

Traditional SNMP-based solutions are great at monitoring servers and network devices, but fall short when managing converged media. As VoIP adoption hits the mainstream, what enterprises need is a comprehensive product that can help them manage the lifecycle of their converged media networks that go beyond SNMP monitoring.

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