Virtualization solution for managing Windows and Linux servers

FastScale Technology released a new version of the FastScale Composer Suite which fully automates the process of building, managing and deploying server software environments for enterprise class data centers and Web farms, whether the infrastructure is physical, virtual or both. The new release extends the benefits of FastScale’s software management solution to Windows Server 2003 environments, adds new capabilities in lightweight application provisioning, and delivers a range of scalability and usability enhancements.

FastScale Composer Suite was designed specifically to eliminate the labor-intensive process of building and managing server software environments throughout the lifecycle. With FastScale Composer Suite software environments average 95% smaller than traditional golden images, are built on-demand and deployed to bare-metal or virtual servers – in seconds to minutes. Because FastScale software environments are so compact, the entire server infrastructure is a dynamic pool of compute resources, able to run any Windows or Linux application at any time.

In addition to the support of heterogeneous server environments, the new FastScale solution builds on the company’s patent-pending Application Blueprinting technology and its minimalist operating system deployment model to now deliver lightweight, just-in-time provisioning of the application layer. For large, modular enterprise applications, the entire software stack can now be streamlined automatically based on workload requirements, with only the necessary files provisioned. FastScale’s unique software component repository enables dynamic retrieval of any files not included in the lightweight provisioning, ensuring full application compatibility. This new lightweight application provisioning allows for the deployment of the smallest possible software stack, decreases memory requirements, supports stateless server configurations, and increases virtual server density by 3X or more.

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