HNS Book giveaway: “The Best of 2600 – A Hacker Odyssey”

We are giving one of our readers a copy of “The Best of 2600 – A Hacker Odyssey“.

Since 1984, the quarterly magazine 2600 has provided fascinating articles for readers who are curious about technology. Find the best of the magazine’s writing in “The Best of 2600 – A Hacker Odyssey“, a collection of the strongest, most interesting, and often most controversial articles covering 24 years of changes in technology, all from a hacker’s perspective. Included are stories about the creation of the infamous tone dialer “red box” that allowed hackers to make free phone calls from payphones, the founding of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the insecurity of modern locks.

In order to enter the giveaway share with us your thoughts on what are the biggest security threats nowadays and write in your full name and country of residence. Drop an e-mail with this info to:

We will publish the selected comments and credit you with your initials. If you want to be credited by your full name, do specify that in the e-mail.

Giveaway is open until Friday, September 5th noon PST. Winners will be chosen on a random basis out of the readers’ comments we publish. Good luck!

Note: We care about the privacy. We will contact the winner as soon as the giveaway ends. HNS will not use any of your info. In fact, we will even delete it as soon as the contest is over.

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