New book: “High Performance MySQL, Second Edition”

The new edition of High Performance MySQL teaches advanced techniques in depth so readers can bring out MySQL’s full power. Readers can learn how to design schemas, indexes, queries and advanced MySQL features for maximum performance, and get detailed guidance for tuning the MySQL server, operating system, and hardware to their fullest potential. Readers will also learn practical, safe, high-performance methods of scaling applications with replication, load balancing, high availability, and failover.

This second edition is completely revised and greatly expanded, with deeper coverage in all areas. Major additions include:

    Emphasis throughout on both performance and reliability
  • Thorough coverage of storage engines, including in-depth tuning and optimizations for the InnoDB storage engine
  • Effects of new features in MySQL 5.0 and 5.1, including stored procedures, partitioned databases, triggers, and views
  • A detailed discussion on how to build very large, highly scalable systems with MySQL
  • New options for backups and replication
  • Optimization of advanced querying features, such as full-text searches
  • Four new appendices.

The book also includes chapters on benchmarking, profiling, backups, security, and tools and techniques to help measure, monitor, and manage MySQL installations.

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