New Surveillint physical security solution for policy-based incident discover

Proximex, developers of solutions for the physical security information management market, announced today that it has released Proximex Surveillint 3.5. With its new Business Logic Manager and open SDK, this new version is specifically designed to easily automate and enforce an organization’s security policies while minimizing the time and effort required to integrate new security technology.

Unique to Surveillint is an intelligent business logic engine that fuses relevant information from multiple security sensors and systems for faster incident response. In version 3.5, Proximex provides a business logic engine with a drag-and-drop, Visio-like interface along with a library of reusable activities to enforce policies and procedures. Flexible decisions and activities can be defined to automate tedious tasks and capture expert knowledge. Another key feature in version 3.5 is its ability to correlate incidents to reduce nuisance alarms and connect related alarms from multiple systems. No other integrated security software offers this level of openness and flexibility.

For enterprise organizations, Surveillint 3.5 features a “search and find” technology allowing operators to quickly find information across all sensors, areas and zones. It supports new sensor types and the ability to monitor and receive IT-related information, such as SNMP and WMI events. Finally, Surveillint 3.5 allows technology partners full access to its SDK and, as a result, many new integrations and modules will soon be available to meet a variety of needs in different markets.

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