Encryption archiving solution with full evidential value

Cryptolog, the French electronic signature solutions supplier, is expanding its offer in the field of digital identity management to include a new solution, Perennity. This certified, encryption archiving solution guarantees that signatures will remain valid and traceable for up to a century after their creation.
Cryptolog’s Perennity can archive documents and ensure their evidential value over long timescales, enabling them to be retrieved at any time – even if the original signature algorithms cannot be relied on. Items archived using Perennity are constantly protected to keep abreast of advances in cryptography or to anticipate the end of technological life-cycles. Perennity allows archived items to be retrieved, even after 10, 50 or 100 years, and guarantees cryptographic proof of deposit and authenticity.
Perennity offers business users an encryption archiving solution with full evidential value, without the need to rely on, and trust, a third party. Electronic signatures are not simply stored and retained, but preserved for long periods so that they can be double-checked at any given time.
Perennity reflects the strong market trend towards the phasing out of contracts. Although this may put data security at risk, it enables businesses to make considerable savings in storage and archiving in the long run. 
Unlike alternative solutions currently available on the market, Perennity is able to manage, sign and archive contracts simultaneously whether over the Internet or via sales outlets. It is therefore an ideal solution for any organisation moving towards the dematerialisation of contracts, such as banks or telecoms operators, whose customers can now sign up for long-term services, (such as opening a current account or signing up for a telephone service), directly on the Internet.

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